Our Toppers

Adnan Iqbal
Marks : 478
Musaib Abdullah
Marks : 478
Sahil Tariq
Marks : 478
Farhan Mushtaq
Marks : 479
Salik Farooq
Marks : 479
Mohsin Majeed
Marks : 480
Faizan Arif
Marks : 483
Muneez ul Mehraj Usmani
Marks : 487
Nouman Bashir Shah
Marks : 487
Junaid Javad
Marks : 488
Tawseeq Mushtaq
Marks : 491
Peerza Mohammad Rabel
Marks : 492
Yehya Bilal
Marks : 492
Mohammad Shahnawaz
Marks : 494

School Magzine





 There are a good number of students studying in the R.P School, who belong to the poorer section of the society or are destined to be orphans. R. P. School does not ignore these students but helps them morally and financially.  The school itself bears all their dues including tuition fee, printing charges and other charges. In some deserving cases the school even provides them with uniform and books.  At times when the number of such students goes beyond our budget, we approach the people who are financially well off and wish to help the students who cannot afford to study in R. P. School.  There are the people with strong faith, who are sponsoring a good number of students studying in the school.