Our Toppers

Adnan Iqbal
Marks : 478
Musaib Abdullah
Marks : 478
Sahil Tariq
Marks : 478
Farhan Mushtaq
Marks : 479
Salik Farooq
Marks : 479
Mohsin Majeed
Marks : 480
Faizan Arif
Marks : 483
Muneez ul Mehraj Usmani
Marks : 487
Nouman Bashir Shah
Marks : 487
Junaid Javad
Marks : 488
Tawseeq Mushtaq
Marks : 491
Peerza Mohammad Rabel
Marks : 492
Yehya Bilal
Marks : 492
Mohammad Shahnawaz
Marks : 494

School Magzine

Spirit of examination Asalamualikum The exam which is scheduled to be held from tomorrow the 14th March has been cancelled. However, to keep the spirit of examination alive, you are requested to conduct the Unit Examination of your ward at home under your proper supervision. Examination material for classes 6th, 7th and 8th can be collected from the school on the 18th March. You are requested to clear all the outstanding dues against your ward upto Feb 2020. Examination Controller RPS Alamdar