Our Toppers

Adnan Iqbal
Marks : 478
Musaib Abdullah
Marks : 478
Sahil Tariq
Marks : 478
Farhan Mushtaq
Marks : 479
Salik Farooq
Marks : 479
Mohsin Majeed
Marks : 480
Faizan Arif
Marks : 483
Muneez ul Mehraj Usmani
Marks : 487
Nouman Bashir Shah
Marks : 487
Junaid Javad
Marks : 488
Tawseeq Mushtaq
Marks : 491
Peerza Mohammad Rabel
Marks : 492
Yehya Bilal
Marks : 492
Mohammad Shahnawaz
Marks : 494

School Magzine







R. P School like many of the schools of the valley is providing opportunities to its students to expose their talent by engaging them in different kind of activities. Every school possesses distinct features which makes the particular school popular among the masses. Some schools are known for the activities which are related to academics .Many schools have earned their name in games and sports. Parents choose the school for their wards according to their taste and liking. A particular school may not have all the special features which people in present times demand.

R.P School which has come on the scene in early nineties to provide balanced education based on moral and religious principles. A part from its academics the students are always engaged in myriad activities whether sports, physical and other extra curriculum activities. Every year the students falling into age group under 14 and under 17 participate in the games and sports conducted by Youth Service and Sports. Our students have played football and crickets in many parts of the country. In tennis two brothers Adam Ishaq and Aamil Ishaq have been representing the state for many years. In Thang Tha our Athletes have won gold and silver medals. Besides sports activities our students take part in debates, speeches, in art competition, essay competitions, science and other model competitions etc.

Morning assembly programme is special feature  of these activities. A majority of students get chance to expose their talent in different programmes little kids are encouraged to come on the stage to deliver speeches, recite Quran and Naaths. They perform skits and participate in quiz programmes. In short the school is school is trying its best to involve the students in different activities as much time permits them.